Important factors in choosing shower doors

Installing a glass shower door is easier said than done. Especially with several options available in the market, it is quite easy to get confused. Today’s shower doors are not just meant to be a shower accessory. Modern bathroom designers and homeowners look at aesthetics too. Most interior designers and homeowners want even the smallest detail of their bathroom fittings to compliment their overall decor. Glass shower doors are no exception to this. Right from the door opening style, to glass type, to designs and sizes; the good news is that no matter what you need, glass doors can be easily customized to fit.

When it comes to glass shower doors in today’s day and age, there are numerous options out there. You may want to approach Edmonton's best shower door store to find something suitable, but before that let us consider the factors that are essential in choosing a glass door for your shower.

Door frame

Shower doors may either be framed or frameless. Usually, metal or some other composite material is used to construct the frame of the glass panel. Bear in mind that most framed glass doors only open inward. Your bathroom design must be suitable to support such a door opening mechanism. Mounted door options often encompass a track that collects water. This track needs regular cleaning and maintenance. One advantage of a framed door is that it is effortless to install, thanks to its seals, sweeps and magnetic hardware spares.

Frameless shower doors

Contrary to its framed counterpart, frameless shower doors are available with heavy-duty glass supported by pivots. Due to the numerous design options available in frameless doors, it has ample design flexibility and is a bit more open in terms of customization possibilities. Frameless doors open both inward and outward. They are quite easy to clean and maintain and are also perceived to be more contemporary and stylish, as compared to framed shower doors.

Glass Types

Just like door frame options, glass shower doors also have a variety of options when it comes to the glass type. Although some glass types are more suitable than others for a framed door and vice versa, here are some options you can consider.


A clear glass door, as the name suggests, uses clear glass. It is easy to maintain and enables a full range of light to pass through.


The frosted type of glass is great if you want added privacy. It has a soft, satin-like appearance which enables only soft light to pass through. Typically, a frosted kind of glass will have an etched pattern on one side and a smoother finish on the other side.


Cast glass doors are known for their special designs. Typically three dimensional, this glass option helps to make your shower door a design element in your overall bathroom decor.

If you need more information on installation, options and help in choosing the right kind of shower glass door for your bathroom, speak to Best Plumbing & Lighting for their expert advice and guidance.

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